May 2021 | Autumn newsletter

Lots happening in the ‘hood’ with good news and not so good news abounding.  The good news? There’s finally some action by Crown Lands on repairing and maintaining Prince Henry’s heritage listed structures.   The not so good news? Well where to start? Our buses are not only being privatised but services slashed, we await the determination… Continue reading May 2021 | Autumn newsletter

January 2021 | Summer Newsletter

  Happy new year dear reader and welcome to summer at Little Bay. We could be forgiven for stealing Queensland’s tagline: ‘Beautiful one day, perfect the next’…but only when the sun shines.  The issues we raised for your urgent attention in our spring newsletter have not gone away. The gridlocked traffic, general disregard for parking regulations, and… Continue reading January 2021 | Summer Newsletter

October 2020 | Spring Newsletter

Happy spring time fellow Prince Henry residents and neighbours.  In this newsletter we’re calling for action on a number of pressing local issues, including the gridlocked traffic everyone in the area experienced during the October long weekend, as well as the total disregard for social distancing, and the perennial illegal and disrespectful parking behaviour of… Continue reading October 2020 | Spring Newsletter